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NOTICE of the collecting of participants' location information

NTT will collect the two following types of location information at the NTT R&D Forum 2017, for the purposes of gauging congestion levels at the venue.

  1. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon location information in the case of users of official apps
  2. Wi-Fi location information in the case of those carrying communications devices with Wi-Fi functions enabled.

Users falling under 1) are requested to refer to the user policies for their official apps; users falling under 2) should read the following explanation.

About Wi-Fi location information

Purpose of use

  • a. This information will be used for measuring congestion levels at the moment in question, and for predicting what congestion levels will be after a certain length of time has elapsed.
  • b. This information will be used in research and development for services that use Wi-Fi location information.

Location information to be collected within the venue

The following Wi-Fi location information will be collected, and used to estimate the location of people in the venue.

  • Wi-Fi location information (identifying information (Media Access Control (MAC) address)
  • Reception times
  • Reception radio field intensity
  • Identifying information for the Wi-Fi access points where reception occurred

How the location information will be used

  • It will be used to ascertain which Wi-Fi access point a person is closest to.
  • It will be used after being put into a format which does not allow the individual in question to be identified (through anonymization).
  • The information will be managed separately from information on official homepages and information registered at the reception etc., and no attempts will be made to discover links between the different sets of information.

Period of storage

The Wi-Fi location information will be deleted within a maximum of three years following the date when the information was collected.

Provision of information to third parties

Information will not be provided to third parties unless it has been fully anonymized.

Using analytical results that have undergone statistical processing

Information which has undergone statistical processing will be used in research and development, in proposal materials of various kinds, in promotions, and in exhibitions and presentations shown at academic institutes and conferences.

Requesting to have Wi-Fi location information in question erased (opt-out)

Although this initiative by NTT will not result in any individual's personal information or the contents of their communications' being collected, individuals who nevertheless wish to opt out can do so by inquiring at the following desk.


NTT R&D Forum 2017 Secretariat
  • NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Information Network Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Technical Review(New Window Open)

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