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Exhibits [Exhibition concept]

The NTT Group is devoting all of its efforts towards becoming a “Value Partner” that continues to be selected by customers.
The theme of this year's forum is “Open the Way” which represents opening a world of new possibilities. The forum will focus on creating innovation inspired by new ideas in collaboration with various business partners to bring about the transformation of society.

Exhibit2020: Visualising the Future and Beyond

We introduce prototypes and related technologies that go a step closer than last year in concretely embodying the world of 2020. Our exhibits exemplify new usage scenarios for contributing to the society of 2020 and beyond.

Exhibit“corevo” —Evolving the Generation of New Values

In recent years, AI has gained wide attention across different industries and areas. We introduce AI and related technologies of the NTT Group (“corevo”) that can serve as the engine for advancing the creation of new values in the field of AI.

ExhibitIoT and Security for the Next-Generation Business

As a value partner we provide our customers with technologies that support their business. We introduce advanced IoT technologies and security technologies for our customers in anticipation of the future trends in IoT development.

ExhibitNetworks for the Coming 2020 and Beyond

We aim to co-create an abundant future with our partners. We introduce the future of networks through cloud computing technologies and a wide array of network technologies characterized by flexibility and readiness based on NetroSphere.

ExhibitBasic Research Exploring the Future

A goal of our basic research is to bring about transformation of society. Our work involves discovering new underlying principles, extending the limits of performance, and conducting R&D of technologies that are friendly to humans and the earth.

Interactive technology experience

Interactive technology experience

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