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Exhibition concept

NTT Group implements initiatives to accelerate the process of self-transformation to a "Value Partner" that our clients continue to select. This forum will clearly present the latest R&D results by lectures and exhibits highlighting our Innovative Optical and Wireless Network, or IOWN. Based on cutting-edge photonic technologies, IOWN will provide an excellent capacity, low latency, and energy efficient information and communication platform that will support sustainable growth in the foreseeable future.

Seven exhibit themes

This theme highlights the Smart World evolving with "IOWN", and the distinctive technologies associated with "IOWN".

This theme introduces optical/wireless function-specific dedicated network and advanced control/operation technologies for innovative network fulfilling diverse and complex demands to actualize smart social platform.

This theme addresses NTT Group's corevo®-related AI technologies conceived to enrich people's lives and create new value through co-creation and collaboration with others.

This theme introduces user interface technologies that exploit virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) to convey a sense of presence across space and time. This opens the benefits of technology to any and every one regardless of their IT literacy.

This theme introduces applied encryption technologies for supporting secure data flow / utilization and advanced detection / defense technologies for rapidly evolving cyber-attacks.

This theme covers basic research that is having a revolutionary impact on society including innovative information processing technology in the post-Moore era, advanced medical care, and advanced materials.

  • NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Information Network Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group(New Window Open)
  • NTT Technical Review(New Window Open)

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